This class implements Content Rotator Component in C#.

Content Rotator Component for .NET creates a ContentRotator object that automatically rotates HTML content strings on a Web page. Each time a user requests the Web page, the object displays a new HTML content string based upon information that you specify in a Content Schedule File.

For the details about Content Rotator Component, please refer to the IIS hlep of Microsoft.

Following is the nce.mswc.ContentRotator class reference.

Methods Description
ChooseContent Retrieves and displays all the content strings in the Content Schedule file.
GetAllContent Retrieves and displays a content string.


The following example displays a different tip of the day each time a user views the Web page.

  Set Tip = Server.CreateObject("MSWC.ContentRotator") 
  Response.Write Tip.ChooseContent("Content.txt") 

ASP2ASPX migrates from above codes to following:

    Dim Tip As nce.mswc.ContentRotator  
    Tip = new nce.mswc.ContentRotator()