This class implements Counters Component in C#.

The Counter component creates a Counters object that can create, store, increment, and retrieve any number of individual counters. Counters do not automatically increment on an event like a page hit. You must manually set or increment counters using the Set and Increment methods.

All counters are stored in a single text file, Counters.txt, which is located in the IIS root directory. Generally it is in C:\Inetpub\wwwroot directory.

For the details about Counters Component, please refer to the IIS hlep of Microsoft.

Following is the nce.mswc.Counters class reference.

Methods Description
Get Returns the value of the counter.
Increment Increases the counter by 1.
Remove Removes the counter from the Counters.txt file.
Set Sets the value of the counter to a specific integer.