This class is an implementation of Scripting.FileSystemObject in .NET.

For more usage information, please refer to Visual Basic Scripting Edition Reference.

The following table shows the support information of FileSystemObject in nce.scripting.FileSystemObject.

Properties Support
Drives Yes
Methods Support
BuildPath Yes
CopyFile Yes
CopyFolder Yes
CreateFolder Yes
CopyTextFile Yes
DeleteFile Yes
DeleteFolder Yes
DriveExists Yes
FileExists Yes
FolderExists Yes
GetAbsolutePathName Yes
GetBaseName Yes
GetDrive Yes
GetDriveName Yes
GetExtensionName Yes
GetFile Yes
GetFileName Yes
GetFolder Yes
GetParentFolderName Yes
GetSpecialFolder Yes
GetParentFolderName Yes
GetTempName Yes
MoveFile Yes
MoveFolder Yes
OpenTextFile Yes