Migration Report

You may generate a migration report to check if ASP2ASPX can convert your ASP to ASP.NET.

When your ASP project is converted to ASP.NET, a migration report is generated at [ASP2ASPX]\logs\asp2aspx.htm. The migration report contains information about the conversion process as well as a list of issues uncovered during the conversion that will need to be addressed before your ASP.NET project can be run.

The report is in HTML format, you can view it in an browser by choosing Browse With from the File menu.

The report contains a listing for each ASP file of your ASP Project. By expanding the section for each file, you can view a detailed list of issues that will need to be addressed. Each issue includes information about the severity of the issue, the location of the code that need be corrected.

Generate a Migration Report

1. Select your ASP Application and Click the 'Migration Report' menu

2. Converting

3. The migration report asp2aspx.htm will be displayed

4. Click on the filename to show the detail of the Error and Warning messages