Migrates from VBScript constants to VB.NET

A number of useful constants you can use in your codes are built into VBScript. Constants provide a convenient way to use specific values without actually having to remember the value itself. Using constants also makes your codes more maintainable.

ASP2ASPX can migrate from the VBScript constants to VB.NET automatically. Please see follwing table that lists the VB.NET Enumerations:

VBScript 5.6 Constants VB.NET Enumerations
vbAbort vbAbort
vbAbortretryignore vbAbortretryignore
vbApplicationmodal vbApplicationmodal
vbArray vbArray
vbBinarycompare vbBinarycompare
vbCancel vbCancel
vbCurrency vbCurrency
vbDataobject 13
vbDate vbDate
vbDecimal vbDecimal
vbDefaultbutton1 vbDefaultbutton1
vbDefaultbutton2 vbDefaultbutton2
vbDefaultbutton3 vbDefaultbutton3
vbDefaultbutton4 768
vbDouble vbDouble
vbEmpty vbEmpty
vbError 10
vbExclamation vbExclamation
vbFirstfourdays vbFirstfourdays
vbFirstfullweek vbFirstfullweek
vbFirstjan1 vbFirstjan1
vbFriday vbFriday
vbGeneraldate vbGeneraldate
vbIgnore vbIgnore
vbInformation vbInformation
vbInteger vbInteger
vbLong vbLong
vbLongDate vbLongDate
vbLongTime vbLongTime
vbMonday vbMonday
vbNull vbNull
vbObject vbObject
vbOk vbOk
vbOkcancel vbOkcancel
vbOkonly vbOkonly
vbQuestion vbQuestion
vbRetry vbRetry
vbRetrycancel vbRetrycancel
vbSaturday vbSaturday
vbShortDate vbShortDate
vbShortTime vbShortTime
vbSingle vbSingle
vbString vbString
vbSunday vbSunday
vbSystemmodal vbSystemmodal
vbTextcompare vbTextcompare
vbThursday vbThursday
vbTuesday vbTuesday
vbUsesystem vbUsesystemdayofweek
vbUsesystemdayofweek vbUsesystemdayofweek
vbVariant vbVariant
vbWednesday vbWednesday
vbYes vbYes
vbYesno vbYesno
vbYesnocancel vbYesnocancel
vbBlack System.Drawing.Color.Black
vbBlue System.Drawing.Color.Blue
vbBoolean vbBoolean
vbByte vbByte
vbCritical vbCritical
vbCyan System.Drawing.Color.Cyan
vbGreen System.Drawing.Color.Lime
vbMagenta System.Drawing.Color.Magenta
vbObjecterror vbObjecterror
vbRed System.Drawing.Color.Red
vbWhite System.Drawing.Color.White
vbYellow System.Drawing.Color.Yellow
vbCr vbCr
vbCrLf vbCrLf
vbFormFeed vbFormFeed
vbNewLine vbNewLine
vbNullChar vbNullChar
vbTab vbTab
vbVerticalTab vbVerticalTab