Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Delphi2CS work for Delphi 2010 ?

Yes, it does.

2. Does Delphi2CS work for BDE and ADO ?

No, it doesn't. You have to rewrite the BDE and ADO codes in ADO.NET manually.

3. Does Delphi2CS support #NUMBER string ?

Yes, Delphi2CS converts the NUMBER to character.

4. How to convert '[]' and '[ a,b,c]' expression ?

Delphi2CS converts them to 'new object[]{}' or 'new object[]{ a, b, c}'. Maybe you need to modify the codes manually.

5. If you get the 'Syntax error' message, how to do it ?

Please see Delphi2CS Error Messages, and check whether your .pas file contains the unsupported grammar. if no, please contact us at