Package jasp.adodb

Class Summary
Command A Command object is a definition of a specific command that you intend to execute against a data source.
Connection This class is compatible with Microsoft's ADODB.CONNECTOIN object.
Error An Error object contains details about data access errors pertaining to a single operation involving the jdbc driver
Errors The Errors collection contains all the Error objects created in response to a single failure involving the jdbc driver.
Field A Field object represents a columns's information.
Fields A Fields collection contains all the Field objects of a Recordset object.
Parameter A Parameter object represents a parameter or argument associated with a Command object based on a parameterized query or stored procedure.
Parameters A Parameters collection contains all the Parameter objects of a Command object.
Properties A Properties collection contains all the Property objects for a specific instance of an object.
Property A Property object represents a dynamic characteristic of an ADO object that is defined by the provider.
Recordset A Recordset object represents the entire set of records from a base table or the results of an executed command.