Class MatchCollection


public class MatchCollection
extends java.lang.Object

Collection of regular expression Match objects. A Matches collection contains individual Match objects, and can be only created using the Execute method of the RegExp object. The Matches collection's one property is read-only, as are the individual Match object properties. When a regular expression is executed, zero or more Match objects can result. Each Match object provides access to the string found by the regular expression, the length of the string, and an index to where the match was found.

Method Summary
 int getCount()
          Gets the number of the match objects.
 Match getItem(int index)
          Gets an item from the Collection.
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Method Detail


public int getCount()
Gets the number of the match objects.
the number of the match objects.


public Match getItem(int index)
Gets an item from the Collection.
the - index of the item.
the value of the item.