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Migrates from Visual Basic 6.0 to C#.NET

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VB6TOCS is an assistant tool that converts Visual Basic 6.0 projects to Visual C# .NET. VB6TOCS creates a new project, converts each file from the original project(.vbp) into the new project(.csproj), and generates a report detailing what was done. After your project is converted, VB6TOCS inserts comments into your C# code alerting you to statements that will need to be changed.

VB6TOCS v3.0 has released - Jun 20, 2013

VB6TOCS Features


VB6TOCS Limitation

  • Data Report(.dsr) is not supported.
  • WebClass is not supported.
  • Data Control is not supported.
  • Line Control is not supported.
  • Property Page is not supported.
  • Screen Object is not supported.
  • Clipboard Object is not supported.
  • App Object is not supported.
  • 'On Error' statement is not supported.

Bug Fix & Enhancement

VB6TOCS v3.0 Jun 20, 2013

  • Convert VB code to C# 4.0

    • Convert the VARIANT datatype to dynamic of C# 4.0
    • Support Optional Arguments
    • Support Named Arguments

  • Fixes many bugs.

VB6TOCS v2.5 Jun 18, 2008

VB6TOCS v2.4 May 16, 2007

  • The ParamArray is supported
  • The Bold attribute of Font is supported
  • Adds the nce.adoora namespace in nceADO
  • Converts VB codes to .NET 2.0 (for VS2005)

VB6TOCS v2.3 Dec 13, 2005

  • The issue of User Define Type(UDT) has been fixed
  • The issue of API declaration has been fixed
  • The default value of String variable is String.Empty
  • The 'me' used in Class Module is now fully suppoprted
  • Converts Vb.Control to .NET Control
  • Converts TabDlg.SSTab to System.Windows.Forms.TabControl
  • Supports ButtonMenu property and ButtonMenuClick event of ToolBar button

VB6TOCS v2.2

  • The issue of the ByRef parameter has been fixed
  • The issues of the Property Set/Let/Get have been fixed
  • The Label statement is ignored
  • The Enum statement is now fully supported
  • The issue of the 'picture' property of VB.Image control has been fixed

VB6TOCS v2.1

  • An array as a parameter issue has been fixed.
  • 'With' statement is now fully supported.
  • The subroutine comments are now properly supported.
  • The array element issue of the User Define Type has been fixed.

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